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In this article, Senator Iroegbu, Maureen Okpe and Global Sentinel team, analyzed in comprehensive fashion, the Geopolitics Series 2.0, hosted by the Media Centre for Development (MCD), which brought together a consortium of esteemed experts and thought leaders to dissect Africa’s intricate challenges in harnessing its vast resources for sustainable development. As the world’s attention pivots to Africa’s potential as a global player, the series delved into the multifaceted factors contributing to the continent’s underdevelopment and fragility. The discussions revolved around the mismanagement of resources, historical exploitation by global powers, the paradox of resource-rich yet economically challenged countries, and the critical role of effective leadership. Through comprehensive analyses, compelling insights, and cross-disciplinary perspectives, the series illuminated the complexities surrounding Africa’s economic growth and its geopolitical positioning. The resulting takeaways underscored the need for accountable leadership, good governance, equitable trade relationships, educational reform, and collaboration both within the continent and with international partners. Ultimately, the Geopolitics Series 2.0 serves as a call to action, advocating for collective efforts to drive Africa’s journey towards prosperity, stability, and a stronger global presence.