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With its buying power combined with expertise and knowledge, the Diaspora is Africa’s could be Africa’s secret weapon, says Abou Dieng, the CEO of Global Green International Holdings, and Director of EMONECO, a publicly traded financial company on the US-Stock. Dieng, originally from Senegal would rather be referred to as African because to him, the boundaries are artificial and Africans are one people. Dieng, who is also CEO and President of Global Green International Holdings LLC, Executive Director and Ambassador for Africa of Global Treasury Supreme Trust believes that more needs to be done to extend banking services to the broader African population, especially in rural areas.

The National President of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN), Engineer Elizabeth Eterigho, in this exclusive interview with ASHENEWS’ Tina George, raises concerns over the status of water scarcity and the prevalence of open defecation in Niger state. She also looks into its impact on the female gender, while proffering solutions on how these could be addressed. Excerpts:

Yesterday (Wednesday January 25) I got a call from Ardo that is the Sarki Fulani of Nasarawa State, who told me what really happened. He told me that Rukubi, a town and settlement of Fulanis in Doma Local Government, Nasarawa State, was where the sad event occurred.  He said sometimes ago Fulani’s cows from the boundary community in Nasarawa State were seized by the Benue State Government.  You can imagine how the movement of cows could naturally be and since the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, claims there is a law and if they catch your cow, there is a fine you pay.