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Today marks the end of the two-term tenure of a man who came with tremendous goodwill, the kind never before witnessed in Nigeria’s chequered political history. One can still remember some young Nigerians trekking from one end of Nigeria to another in high hopes of the new president. However, unlike Caesar, it is doubtful if he can thump his chest and declare “Veni, vidi, vici”—I came; I saw; I conquered.

There has been a frenzy of governance activities over the past three weeks as the Buhari Administration abandons his “Baba go slow” mode of operation and gets into the “let’s work as if there is no tomorrow” mode.  Many new contracts are being signed daily. Ministries are being restructured one week before the end of the Administration’s mandate. Requests for approvals are flooding the National Assembly, new loans are being taken and above all, publications are being launched on the great achievements of the Buhari Government. The on-going hysteria is best symbolized by the announcement from the Minister of Aviation who is demolishing buildings, restructuring the ministry, sacking and appointing management staff that today, 26th May 2023, Air Nigeria will come into service as it flies into the country. Don’t ask me why it should start service on the last working day of the administration, it’s all part of the governance frenzy. I am one of those who remember that Minister Sirika told us in 2015 that the President has directed him to start a national carrier and it will be done immediately.

This article attracted mammoth reactions from my readers. It is a sign of goodwill for the Katsina State governor-elect, Dr. Umar Dikko Radda, a round peg in a round hole, an agricultural extensionist in an agrarian state dearly craving salvage. What a timely happening. In the next few days, he will be inaugurated as the first PhD holder, democratically elected to occupy the seat of Katsina state governor. Can he make a positive difference in the lives of Katsina people? Can he outshine others who came before him? He has a catalog of overwhelming challenges but he is also well groomed, educationally, administratively, and experience-wise. May the Almighty Allah see him through. Now, here are selected readers’ comments on the Article, “Irrigation Glorious Future for Katsina State”. Happy reading.