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The Federal Inland Revenue Service as we know it is the federal government agency charged with mobilizing revenues through tax collections across the length and breadth of Nigeria for the development of the country. At a time when the country is witnessing a significant reduction in oil revenues (Nigeria’s major revenue earner) as a result of several factors, such as low levels of oil production, oil theft and the global oil glut, the Buhari administration has had to devise creative ways of generating revenues for the execution of numerous government projects.

To the average Yobean, Buhari’s visit to Yobe State, where he commissioned excellent projects by the Mai Mala Buni administration, confirmed what they already knew: life in the state has improved a thousand-fold from what it used to be just less than four years ago. To the opposition party, it sets the standard for their campaign so high that they know they are not going to reach it, as the scent of victory becomes nigh impossible to smell. To you, my reader, watching from the outside in, wondering if life could be better for the indigenes of a state once ravaged by an insurgency that put them among the most terrorised in the world, well, it hasn’t been easy. Still, it is achievable for those who make hay while the sun shines.

Your Excellency, the Sokoto State Progressives For Integrity and Accountable Leadership is a group of bipartisan progressives residing in Sokoto, who have convened to write you this letter, in order to draw your kind attention to issues of grievous importance to our state and by extension, our nation as a whole.