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Oyediran village, a remote community close to the Oyo-Osun border, is predominantly inhabited by farmers. With over a hundred residents and difficult access due to poorly maintained roads, getting to the nearest health facility takes them more than an hour by bike. The roads often become impassable during the rainy season when a stream overflows, trapping residents inside.

For years, Hassan Patigi, a preacher and exorcist from Patigi community in Kwara State, has been touring many towns and villages in Nigeria on a self-imposed mission to heal the sick and save the poor. However, his quest has left a trail of abuse, especially in villages across two North-Central states, Niger and Kwara. During his crusade, he orders the torture of men and the public humiliation of women, accusing them of witchcraft. Alongside these unlawful acts, he extorts money from the victims, causing division and disgrace within the families affected. In this investigative report, Yunusa Umar of WikkiTimes exposes the atrocities committed by another self-proclaimed ‘Man of God’ in Nigeria, showing a disturbing pattern of rights violations of Nigerian citizens without any apparent sanctions from government authorities.