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“I strongly advise both of you to withdraw from the madness of politics in Rivers State to avoid the dangerous crisis facing Rivers State, one of the most important states producing the resources used to sustain the economy of this country. I hope you do not forget that the International Oil Companies (IOCs) and the deep seaport of Onne are very well established in Rivers State.

“It is in the light of the foregoing, that I am compelled to offer my resignation from the People’s Democratic Party effective immediately. While this decision was difficult to take, I, however, believe that it is the right one. Despite this resignation, I will always be available to offer my services towards the deepening of democracy and good governance in Nigeria.”

Tension is growing in the PDP over the perception that Wike, a serving Minister in the Bola Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress (APC) government, is rumoured to remain in the PDP, allegedly to have control of its National Working Committee (NWC), while he works against it during the 2027 presidential election.