Ashenewsonline advert rates are stated below:

1. Mini Rectangle (1×2’’) without link = N120,000 per week

2. Mini Rectangle with a web link = 420,000 per week

3. Medium Rectangle (2.5’’x2.5”) without web link = N170,000 per week

4. Medium Rectangle with link N520,000 per week

5.Top banner (Horizontal) without web link = N370,000 per week

6.Top banner (horizontal) with web link = N620,000 per week

7. Horizontal banner (below) without link = N220,000 per week

8. Horizontal banner with web link = N470,00 per week.

9. Special Feature/Supplement N620,000 (A4 size on words) per week (Same rate for full pictorial adverts)

10. Sky scrapper without link = N370,000 per week

11. Sky scrapper with web link N620,000 per week

12. Newsletter = N520,000 per month

All adverts attract 7 percent VAT.

Every insertion runs for a week on the website

Contact 07031140009, Advert Unit on 08113379328 and [email protected] for further details.